Spiritual News

Dear Friends,
Are You feeling the energy????? The three-week mark is approaching to end the cycle of our self-work and TESTING. This means the OLD "YOUS" are feeling more present with you as well as your Spirit(higher self).
Our Spirits are working hard to create all energies in our emotion state that is necessary to complete its self-work and lessons, allowing the opportunity for a release. This release can be so powerful because it is not only for what you hold now but from past lives too!!! The old YOUS represent lower vibrational energies and will be showing themselves to you strongly through reflection work. This is your Spirit's way of getting your attention. Take time to process any new truths you may be seeing about yourself for the first time. Continue to manifest and create towards all new directions that have come forward for you. When this cycle is complete, many will be receiving vibrational increases. New energies (higher selves) will then have space to enter into our energy field, bringing higher states of consciousness and increasing our healing and intuitive gifts. I can't stress enough how paying attention to your inner thoughts and emotions at this time is extremely important. Fill your hearts and thoughts with love.


Happy New Year

It's last call for the opportunity to connect to higher vibrations....because of this many are feeling their frequency shift.  Those already who hold higher vibrations may experience a overwhelming Sense of disturbance as this change is continuing to take place. Sudden shift in emotional status , or experiencing what feels like unprovoked emotional or physical attacks from others.   This disturbance may continue until the BALANCE of ALL ENERGIES connect to their new vibration.
It's so important to ground your energy every day .
Work with your bottom 3 chakras to do so.
Raise your vibration from your heart to your crown . Of course all methods of keeping your vibration high now is most important .
Keep your hands chakras open too!!!

We are in the new consciousness !!!! Be open and ready for the the magic.
Happy New Year!

Changing Belief Systems

When we change our way of thinking our belief system changes. This stimulates all the energies in our solar plexus chakra releasing old programming and energy.   When this releasing period begins, I have found that old experiences and emotions resurface so the brain and heart recognize how they are also related to your old beliefs. This gives you the opportunity to release it as a whole. I have learned that to be conscious is to heal.
I have come to understand that every opportunity for me to grow spiritually has come from my "Choice" to change my way of thinking .
I recognize in myself that my ego has always been the obstacle. As we grow, we are meant to embrace how we feel, until that feeling doesn't work for us anymore.  Our ego part of self keeps us in that lower vibration for periods of time until we decide not to stay comfortable anymore .
Something clicks and we can move forward .
Processing our journey gives the understanding of your self work you're doing .
Don't know what self work your doing right now?
That's the first step in becoming more conscious .

Happiness and healing
- Rachael

Crossing Paths

Sometimes people cross our paths and it's exactly at the right time . I believe our intentions were heard and have the chance to manifest into exactly what we called out for. Change is never easy because it's that shadow side that we all have that wants to keep us comfortable . These are the times when following our hearts are so important . If you have had someone new come into your life that has stirred up a new energy , whether fear or love .... Stop for a moment and ask yourself..... What is the purpose? Tests are always being given so we can create what we asked for . We can only bring great new changes into our lives when we follow through on our self work and embrace what's In Front of us.
There is always a balance, truth , and self growth that we can learn through others . Opening our eyes sometimes is the biggest obstacle. Believe believe believe
Our intentions can always manifest !!!!!!️️️️

Conscious spiritual news

     Shedding, shedding, shedding those old YOU's and identities.
A couple weeks ago I wrote about how some of us are disconnecting from old soul family's and joining new. This is happening because our spirits need to remove old energies so we can hold higher vibrations in our human bodies, increase our intuitive and healing ability, and allowing us to be more conscious.
     It has been a very powerful time for our "spirits" to choose (contract) experiences to help shed those old human identities. What's coming forward is that part of you that has suffered lifetime over lifetime.  It is the part that needs to be healed.  For some this is a great challenge and can feel very threatening. Some resist this shedding because the responsibility, work, or belief that they fear.... what that higher vibrations means .... Possibly not being able to contract back in to human form.  But it is the human part that has this struggle ...not the spirit .
     Some higher beings that are very tuned into this understanding have prepared their soul families for this change...shining light and love to its limits, stepping back as we guide their falls, but most of all returning to this level of consciousness to be included in the change. If you are experiencing overwhelming fear, depression or sickness at this time, it is normal.  Most importantly,  it's time to own that old you and release it. Only then will you be given the opportunity to be Tested on your work and remove it for good. We are almost done with the testing period and consciousness is about to CHANGE BIG TIME.
     So what does this change mean?  It means greater knowledge, greater living, greater energy...... For all of us that can hold that higher vibration. It's so important for us to all process the experiences and people that have participated in the possibility for us to remove these layers. Some of these energies may feel uneasy and dark, but that feeling comes from the lower vibration that stirs up in others and ourselves .
     Process your journey and what you're feeling in this moment .
Much love - Rachael

energy Therapy

  Energy therapy opened the doorway to help me understand that energy moves, that it can be transmitted to others and received by others if they so choose. That energy has its own patterns and extreme capabilities.
  It has helped me to understand that you could go beyond what is seen with the eyes, and that the invisible has as much reality as the visible.



My First Experience

   My first experience with healing energy came in to my life after my fourth brain injury which was severe. I was later diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury, with not much hope to recover.  I had a strong will and desire to overcome this disability and with Angelic intervention I did.
  For the first in my life, I truly embraced my intuitive gifts and allowed my guides and angels to teach me how to heal myself. I believed in myself, the guidance I was hearing, and the energy that was in the present moment.
  This Divine energy made itself present and showed me the truth of our healing abilities. I understand now that I needed to believe in myself to connect with the healing aspect of Self, to understand the truth of all our divine capabilities we all hold.


What I feel during Energy work

I am often asked .....
  What I experience in the presence of spirits, angels and some unknown energy.
Vibrational changes. My ears start buzzing, the air becomes real still and I feel my whole self shift into a different frequency.
 I also feel my crown chakra open and all the energy starts flowing from my head.
  I am aware of what is taking place now, but in the past this was a very fearful experience to me. I would comprehend it in a very different way.
   It would first feel like I was being watched and then I would know a presence was near me.
 The crackle noise and sometimes music would become very loud in my ears and my body would vibrate.