Shedding, shedding, shedding those old YOU's and identities.
A couple weeks ago I wrote about how some of us are disconnecting from old soul family's and joining new. This is happening because our spirits need to remove old energies so we can hold higher vibrations in our human bodies, increase our intuitive and healing ability, and allowing us to be more conscious.
     It has been a very powerful time for our "spirits" to choose (contract) experiences to help shed those old human identities. What's coming forward is that part of you that has suffered lifetime over lifetime.  It is the part that needs to be healed.  For some this is a great challenge and can feel very threatening. Some resist this shedding because the responsibility, work, or belief that they fear.... what that higher vibrations means .... Possibly not being able to contract back in to human form.  But it is the human part that has this struggle ...not the spirit .
     Some higher beings that are very tuned into this understanding have prepared their soul families for this change...shining light and love to its limits, stepping back as we guide their falls, but most of all returning to this level of consciousness to be included in the change. If you are experiencing overwhelming fear, depression or sickness at this time, it is normal.  Most importantly,  it's time to own that old you and release it. Only then will you be given the opportunity to be Tested on your work and remove it for good. We are almost done with the testing period and consciousness is about to CHANGE BIG TIME.
     So what does this change mean?  It means greater knowledge, greater living, greater energy...... For all of us that can hold that higher vibration. It's so important for us to all process the experiences and people that have participated in the possibility for us to remove these layers. Some of these energies may feel uneasy and dark, but that feeling comes from the lower vibration that stirs up in others and ourselves .
     Process your journey and what you're feeling in this moment .
Much love - Rachael