When we change our way of thinking our belief system changes. This stimulates all the energies in our solar plexus chakra releasing old programming and energy.   When this releasing period begins, I have found that old experiences and emotions resurface so the brain and heart recognize how they are also related to your old beliefs. This gives you the opportunity to release it as a whole. I have learned that to be conscious is to heal.
I have come to understand that every opportunity for me to grow spiritually has come from my "Choice" to change my way of thinking .
I recognize in myself that my ego has always been the obstacle. As we grow, we are meant to embrace how we feel, until that feeling doesn't work for us anymore.  Our ego part of self keeps us in that lower vibration for periods of time until we decide not to stay comfortable anymore .
Something clicks and we can move forward .
Processing our journey gives the understanding of your self work you're doing .
Don't know what self work your doing right now?
That's the first step in becoming more conscious .

Happiness and healing
- Rachael