Dear Friends,
Are You feeling the energy????? The three-week mark is approaching to end the cycle of our self-work and TESTING. This means the OLD "YOUS" are feeling more present with you as well as your Spirit(higher self).
Our Spirits are working hard to create all energies in our emotion state that is necessary to complete its self-work and lessons, allowing the opportunity for a release. This release can be so powerful because it is not only for what you hold now but from past lives too!!! The old YOUS represent lower vibrational energies and will be showing themselves to you strongly through reflection work. This is your Spirit's way of getting your attention. Take time to process any new truths you may be seeing about yourself for the first time. Continue to manifest and create towards all new directions that have come forward for you. When this cycle is complete, many will be receiving vibrational increases. New energies (higher selves) will then have space to enter into our energy field, bringing higher states of consciousness and increasing our healing and intuitive gifts. I can't stress enough how paying attention to your inner thoughts and emotions at this time is extremely important. Fill your hearts and thoughts with love.