What is a déjà vu moment and why do we experience it? That question is asked by so many everyday, and if you’re reading this my guess is you have asked it too. During the experience of deja vu it feels like suddenly time stands still, awareness kicks in, and you become present in that exact moment. These moments for me have always been powerful, and I have built the foundation of my shamanic healing work around understanding those moments. That one moment creates such a energy shift within us that its impossible to disregard it… and now that I understand the truth about it, I must say you shouldn’t disregard it. Right now, take a moment to just breathe and take yourself back to that feeling again. Breathe. What if I told you that in that Deja Vu moment the awareness you felt was a Welcome - a welcome from your spirit. ️ If that resonates with you maybe the rest of MY TRUTH will too. I’ve come to understand that these moments are big opportunities to become more whole. It is the time to bring back in and reconnect the Energies of Self we have lost along the way. You may wonder how or why we disconnect to begin with. As human beings we are sensitive to energy shifts that are created by emotional, mental, and physical distress. Some distress is so powerful that it causes us to loss consciousness... even just for a split second. I know now that it is so much more then a loss of time. It’s the loss of that part of “Self” that went unconscious. The problem is that we need these parts. We need all of them!!! We need to be whole. So in these déjà vu moments, think bigger, sense stronger. Maybe it’s not a past life or familiar place you’re trying to remember maybe it’s just a piece of you - that piece of you that was lost in that unconscious moment. Stay present and give intention to reconnect. 

As a shamanic healer I help people to balance nature and the the spirit world and the physical human world. Everything is interconnected and learning to understand how to get back in balance will help you follow your soul purpose. Part of being a shaman is teaching clients how to understand and use the interconnectedness of all things. I am your guide to recovering soul parts and helping you become whole.