Learning Together

Whatever method of learning works for you, I am certain you can find that I offer it.  Scroll down and see what is available, but if there is something else you're looking to learn about please contact me. Chances are if you're interested in something then so are others, and we would love to make it happen.


Earth Meets Heaven

Located in White Oak Center                                        283 Sparta Avenue• Sparta, NJ                                          

Weekly workshops offer an opportunity to explore different energy topics.  During past workshops we have discussed the Chakras, the use of tuning forks and Tibetan Healing Bowls for energy work, past lives, astral travel, Energy Healing and psychic sensing, methods of raising your vibration, creating an energy vortex, cord releasing, vibrational rebalancing, spiritual discussions and more.  The latest dates for our workshops can be found on the Earth Meets Heaven Spiritual Group MeetUp.


Right now is such a powerful time to manifest and create with the energy that is present. So many have been experiencing the disconnect with old soul family spiritual contracts and re-connecting with new soul family's. When this process is happening the new doors that are opening are full of incredible opportunity to manifest your souls purpose. So many are waking up to the "Knowing " that they are being called to in order to pursue their gifts. Are you asking yourself what am I suppose to be doing?  I am offering my services, to guide you, and process your journey to bring you to a new understanding .



Special Events & Private Parties

Are you looking to raise your vibration and explore the world of energy that surrounds you and you want to share the experience with a group of friends?   Having a gathering with your friends is always fun. So why not host a party, that they will always remember?  During our gathering, I will explain and communicate to others about the energies that I sense around their energy field. While teaching how to retrieve, clear and heal their own Energy by working through the chakra system .
Everyone will experience the benefits of a energy reading, healing, and vibrational increase.
Hosting a party entitles you to receive all of these benefits complementary when having 6 or more guests. Sound exciting?  Let's connect and talk about details.  I can provide space or do it in your home.