What People Are Saying About Earth Meets Heaven

Below are just a few letters I have received about my services.


Her skills excel the realm of possibilities...
— Vera

Vera Anselmi, PH.D

I have been so blessed to have met Rachael who is a naturally gifted intuitive and healer. She effortlessly taps into the realm of Energy to assist in all aspects of what is needed, and her readings are as individual as each person. Her skills excel the realm of possibilities — from her accurate descriptions of my crossed over loved ones and their messages to me, to providing a deep Reiki relaxation session (as if it was a 4 hour massage!), to delivering life-changing assistance from my higher spiritual guides, in a titrated, supportive way.

Rachael has helped me find closure with a dear family member who tragically passed away way too young and unexpectedly. She also has pinpointed the source of my physical maladies, despite repeated fruitless visits to various allopathic specialists. Not only has Rachel helped me, but also many of my friends and family. I have no hesitation in recommending her to everyone I meet!

Rachel, I extend my everlasting gratitude to you for all the help you have given me!


She is one person, among the few, that I cherish as a part of my journey toward enlightenment and individuation.....
— Gary

Gary Wack

When I first met Rachael, I was a bit lost in the mystery of my path, like a leaf drifting upon the still waters. As she guided me in meditation, she gave me gifts of self-illumination. I remember one instance when in deep meditation, she put her hand on my back, and for a moment I saw a light at the end of the tunnel and a figure standing there. I don’t want to draw any conclusions about the experience, or what it might have meant, but I know that I was close to something profound. I’ve always considered Rachael my teacher and friend. She is one person, among the few, that I cherish as a part of my journey toward enlightenment and individuation.  

Don’t waste your time looking for the Real Deal. Rachael IS the Real Deal.
— James

James M.
Alchemist / Film Producer

I'm James M. an Alchemist. It is common for us to use World energies and your own spiritual Energy as elements in our work. For me when it comes to my energies radiating from my body Rachael has been an unlimited wealth of knowledge. Don't waste your time looking for the Real Deal Rachael is the Real Deal.

Her gift is truly angelic I am so grateful to have her in my life...
— Laura

Laura - Pink Chandelier

I have been seeing Rachel for the past two years for energy healing and spiritual guidance.  There are few people in this world that are true healers.  Rachel happens to be one of them.  Her gift is truly angelic I am so grateful to have her in my life .  I would recommend Rachel to anyone who feels stuck, has experienced a loss, who wants to experience energy healing in its highest form.

Her abilities as an intuitive and healer only compound the results received from even just 30 minutes with her.
— Susan


I have worked with Rachael both one on one and in group settings for many years now as I have grown along my spiritual path. She continually impresses me as extremely in tune with energies, Selves and the universe; yet she herself is also growing and learning as we all are and does not attempt to convey that she knows everything. Rachael is loving and supportive to all whom she works and interacts with, and her abilities as an intuitive and healer only compound the results received from even just 30 minutes with her. Not only that, but the people who are drawn to work with her have great energies as well! I have had extraordinary experiences in group settings led by Rachael in areas including shape shifting, energy healing, automatic writing, astral travel, etc., all of which have grown my confidence in my abilities. I always leave personal sessions with her feeling renewed, invigorated and confidently set on my path. She does not hesitate to offer guidance and friendship after sessions, as she freely gives her cell phone contact information and, yes, she does answer and even reaches out first! To conclude, Rachael is wonderfully gifted and accurate, open, loving and supportive in all that she does, and she does a lot for many and any in need.


Bridgett Peek

Thank you Rachael! Jolie has been showing extra exuberance again since her energy/ sound therapy session with you.
Being a therapy dog she really needs this,  it really benefits her clients too!!   Thanks again.

Rachael is an incredible Healer and an amazing intuitive...
— Dana

Dana - Sparta, NJ

I have been to Rachael for healing sessions several times, and each session has been fantastic. Rachael is an incredible Healer and an amazing intuitive .  What a beautiful soul. I highly recommend Rachael- you won’t be disappointed!!

Every time I left Rachael I felt like I could conquer the world...
— Gina

Gina Montefeltri

Rachael is an angel from heaven! She has a unique gift for helping others see their own truth. I thought I was going for a traditional Reiki session and got so much more! Every time I left a session with Rachael I felt like I could conquer the world and would get compliments that I was 'glowing'. She helped me tremendously in a time of need. I don't know how I could have got through it without her. She not only healed my wounds but taught me the skills I needed to continue the process on my own. Selfless, loving, generous, and wise, not to mention a great sense of humor, are just a few words that come to mind when I think of Rachael. Thank you Rachael for blessing me with your services and friendship!

He’s been so at peace since he’s been attending the classes ...
— Susan

Susan Quency

Thank you!!!! I truly hope you do more children’s workshops like this. Greg has been so at peace since he’s been attending the classes. My husband can’t believe it! Greg asks everyday when he can go back.
Thank you again Rachael.

Rachael has changed me from the inside out...
— Brooke

Brooke B. - NJ School Psychologist

She has helped me combat anxiety, feel more connected to the earth, and live out my purpose more fully. Thanks for helping me cut those cords so I can fly!!

Not only does Rachel have a gift, she “is” a gift...
— Christa Ann

Christa Ann

I was blessed to meet Rachel through a dear friend of mine two years ago, and she has helped me through the most difficult time of my life with love, true kindness, and grace.  She is the most compassionate person I have ever met and has a way of connecting with people unlike anyone I have ever known.  When I am with Rachel I feel understood, whole, and complete, and she teaches those she works with how to connect with themselves so they can continue to grow.  My sessions with her consistently leave me being happier, feeling lighter, more at peace, and more confident in my place in this world.  She truly wants the best for each person she works with.   My journey on this Earth has been blessed by her loving spirit and tender heart.  Rachel is the friend and giving spirit that brought me a lantern in the dark, and I am forever grateful for her and all of her work in this world.  Not only does Rachel have a gift, she “is” a gift.


You feel and embrace the truth in her words...
— Elizabeth

Elizabeth Bell - White Oak Center

Rachael Vespucci offers a unique healing experience. She is still, quiet, and present with you, as you speak of your concerns. You feel and embrace the truth in her words, compassion of her heart, and power of healing in her energy. The healing goes deep and aligns your energy spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

I am truly blessed to know her and have referred several clients.   Namaste.

Without Rachael, I don’t believe I would be where I am today...
— Mindy Heather

Mindy Heather

Rachael was the first person I went to after my spiritual awakening. In a time where I felt no one understood what was happening to me, Rachael understood. She gave loving personal experience to propel me on my new journey. Every healing session raised my vibration to prepare me for my next experience. Without Rachael I don't believe I would be where I am at today. When the student is ready the teacher appears. Thank you Rachael. 

She is truly a gifted individual...
— Gayle


I've had the privilege of receiving energy work from Rachael a few times and am looking forward to many more. She is truly a gifted individual. She has such a calming presence about her and I have always come away from a session with her feeling absolutely AMAZING.

She is a great teacher of energy work...
— Grace

Grace Russo

I have been going to Rachael’s groups for quite a few years now. She is a great teacher of energy work, along with astral travel, and getting messages.   In one of my energy sessions, she told me she felt I had toxins in my body. Well, I did end up getting a rash, went to the doctor and found out she was correct. I was taking too many vitamins. The rash did disappear after eliminating some of my vitamins. I just love Rachael!

Best event I ever attended...
See you again next week.
— Shawn Dailey

Vespucci moved the group in various ways according to her intuition ...
— Sparta Independent

What a great opportunity for any business owner to increase your business...
— Marie

Marie Greico - Inspire Hair Studio

As a salon owner I wanted to do things differently.. after seeing Rachael of Earth Meets Heaven for a energy therapy session ,  I thought how great would it be to incorporate her services with what we as hairdressers do every day . To make people feel good .... well that the total package!!!!.I invited Rachel to host an event in my salon which had an amazing turnout.  What a great opportunity for any business owner to increase your business by offering services that everyone can benefit from. 



Tracy E

Thank you again Rachael! It’s been a while since I felt a room full of people all thriving at the same moment and so inspired! Such a wonderful experience. Your such a gift to everyone you touch. Looking forward to the next one.


Your truth is your ability to remain in your power and give love and healing to those around you.
— Amy


Rachael, When I originally met you I didn't understand what you meant by using your intuition and feeling and I was always questioning myself. I didn't understand what it meant to truly "be in my power," but you have been teaching me that staying true to who I am and focusing on my own energy always yields the desired result. I've questioned the process and lost faith at times but you never have. Your ability to remain centered and teach me how to center my energy has given me inner power I never knew existed. Even today and yesterday I questioned my own surroundings and my relationships, but I have been able to overcome my ego with my intuition and have been learning from my lessons.  Your truth is your ability to remain in your power and give love and healing to those around you." Thank You!!!